Anthony White - Reviews

NBC News
15 LGBTQ art shows that are spicing up global museums this fall
by Dan Allen
October 12, 2022

The Seattle Times
Meet Anthony White, the rising Seattle artist who's also creating buzzy shows of other artists' works
by Gayle Clemans
February 7, 2019

The New York Times
In Seattle, Creating Community by Collecting Art and Artists
by Paulette Perhach
January 9, 2019

Seattle Magazine
Seattle Pop Artist Puts Plastic in the Spotlight
A young Seattle artist's provocative portraits sift through the layers of consumer culture, attracting the attention of some of the city's art luminaries

by Gwendolyn Elliott
January 2019

Seattle Metropolitan
Plastic Meets Instagram at Anthony White's Exhibition
The Greg Kucera Gallery show finds the young artist in elated conversation with art history.

by Stefan Milne
December 18, 2018

The Stranger
Anthony White's Eye-Popping Paintings
He loves to paint naked bathroom selfies of his friends and still-lifes of millennial trash.

by Jasmyne Keimig
December 5, 2018

Plastic planet: Anthony White elevates trash and trashes luxury
by Margo Vansynghel
August 30, 2018