Tim Bavington | Paintings and Prints

Tim Bavington painting
2010 installation view

Currently no work is available at the gallery.

Tim Bavington uses both traditional and unconventional sources to compose his sprayed stripe paintings. His inspiration ranges from ancient Greek mathematicians to those of the 13th century and Italian Renaissance; from musical notations to theories of color harmony - even the binary bar codes used to identify virtually every product in society today. This show will feature paintings composed afterspecific sequences of music - mostly guitar solos.

2005 installation view

Titling his paintings after songs, famous and obscure alike, Bavington transposes sheet music into paint by assigning each note a particular color. Each painting's palette is produced by combinations of the 12 hue color wheel and the 12 tone scale. The bandwidth of the painting's stripes, in turn, is determined by the length of each note within the sequence. With the use of a computer Bavington has lately been creating text and language based stripe paintings from bar codes.

Text is translated into barcode which can be revealed by scanning with an appropriate device. However, when enlarged in scale and sprayed onto canvas the code becomes illegible to both computer and human eyes. A protege of art critic Dave Hickey, Bavington was included in the important Ultralounge exhibition of new, young painters.

2005 installation view

Bavington is represented by Jack Shaiman Gallery (New York) and Mark Moore Gallery (Santa Monica). We would like to thank Mark Moore for his assistance in making our exhibitions possible. We are pleased to have introduced his work to our collectors through the first exhibition in Seattle.

"Tim Bavington arrived in Las Vegas from Shepherd's Bush in London (via Art Center in Pasadena) and he remains now what he was then, the thinking man's Mod - the progeny of Quadrophenia and Bridget Riley's great paintings from the Sixties."

- Dave Hickey