William Wegman | Polaroids and editioned photographs

"When Fay first came into my home at the age of 6 months she was afraid of her shadow. I didn't see this at first. Seduced by her looks, I didn't realize how fragile she was. Any grating metal sound would send her groveling and foaming in fear. I thought often about sending her back to Jeanette in Memphis. Now she has great command and power. Meaningful work has given her stature. The photo flash, the studio setting, the repeat performances, the presence of her friends, assistants and encouraging onlookers all contributed to her ascendancy.

Working at Polaroid, it was not until I made Fay tall that it really took off and became interesting. She appears to be six feet tall when using the vertical format of the Polaroid camera. I must have had some subconscious wish to enter the top part of that frame that was just there. When I put that dress on Fay she would appear to be standing. That made the power of that image, the anthropomorphic image, more assertive and less silly, less like you're ridiculing someone. I'm very very cautious about appearing to make fun of a creature, human or animal." - William Wegman

Unique color Polaroid Polacolor ER photograph
30 x 22 inches paper size, 24 x 20 inches image size
All images Copyright William Wegman