FRANK STELLA | editioned prints



Offset lithograph
16 x 21.5 inches
Edition of 100

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Stella studied painting at the Phillips Academy and history at Princeton University (B.A., 1958). He originally painted in an Abstract Expressionist style, but upon moving to New York City in the late 1950s, he began work on a series of innovative paintings marked by an austere and monumental simplicity of design. These "black paintings," which established his reputation, incorporated symmetrical series of thin white stripes that replicated the canvas shape when seen against their black backgrounds. In the early 1960s Stella painted a series of progressively more complex variations on the theme of the frame-determined design and used both metallic-colored paints and irregularly shaped canvases to this purpose. In the mid-1960s Stella began using polychromy in an influential series of paintings marked by intersecting geometric and curvilinear shapes and plays of vivid and harmonious colors, some of which were fluorescent.